Design Your Own Frames

I Green is an eco-friendly company using 100% recycled plastics.

This is a great choice for anyone who has ever experienced comfort/allergy/sizing challenges.

You can match certain colour pallets and designs with specific shapes. It is an amazing option that is finally here! 

Using the customization link below, you can completely design your own glasses from shape, size, colour (Matte or Polished), temples (Plastic or Metal) and add your very own signature on the top of the eye wire up to 10 characters (see example in the photo above) 

An Additional option available includes adding fabricated, fixed nose pads

All for only $225.00 with a 2 year warranty.

All temples are interchangeable with ease. To mix and match your temples, choose plastic as a casual wear, or metal for a little more of a dressy occasion. Each additional set of temples are $50.00 

Optician Vanessa is Available at any time to help guide you through your designing process. 

By Thema Optical 

"It is all about the shape!"
This app has been developed to help you choose the right lens shape for the shape of your face. 
Virtual frame try- on, to ease your designing process.



After Designing but Before Ordering: 

1. Go to “Print Page”

2. Save as a PDF

3. Send to

4. Schedule an Ordering Eye Wear Consultation with optician Vanessa to verify your order.

We can never be too sure especially when it comes your Prescription Eye Wear.

* Best to design on a Larger screened device
The Configurator. 
                                                 Choosing Your Shape     
                                                 Colour Design & Size
                     Temple Material/ Colour & Length             
        Personalized Signature 
Your Design will update with a photo as you choose your own options