The Creator of Direct Visual Care and Why:

CEO and Optician, Vanessa Brown, has been in the optical industry for 15 years. Starting at the age of 16, she took on a great deal of interest in how eyeglasses were fabricated to allow people to see. From her experiences in being able to make such a difference vision-wise, she also heard a lot of complaints within the experience of ordering eye wear and accommodating their schedules for minor adjustments or repairs.

In 2018 Vanessa launched Direct Visual Care, bringing an optician to your door for more of a one-on-one personalized experience. Allowing an optician to have your undivided attention, to assure you receive the utmost joy and confidence while wearing your prescription eye wear. All of these factors are at the forefront of Vanessa's practice. Vanessa will always make sure the frame is the perfect size for you, making a difference in how your lenses are going to turn out in each frame specifically (depending on the significance of your prescription - i.e Lens Material). She will always ask lifestyle questions in where you primarily wear your eye wear for the best comfort and function of your device (Lens Design and Coatings). The most important factor with wearing prescription eye wear is the fit for comfort. Not only does the fit affect the comfort of the eye wear but your function as well. Updated adjustments are so very important.

Ordering eye wear online is convenient, but having an optician guide you through it, makes all the difference. Welcoming a professional to your work place or initial environment allows for a "workplace vision assessment" which will always be the best visual acuity result for accuracy. 

Important take away: Your prescription strength is measured by a specific letter size at a specific distance. Everyone either holds or places their objects at different distances. Vanessa has helped many individuals set up their work stations or altered many prescriptions based on being able to see her clients spaces.     

“I look forward to meeting you and helping you through this challenging process.” Kind Regards, Vanessa Brown R.O.