Why is a Mobile Optician Beneficial

Anyone who has been struggling with any of the following would greatly benefit from having an Optician come to them;

- Mothers / Fathers who could save an additional appointment out of the house with having a busy family schedule
- Individuals who are with out independent  transportation amenities
- Entrepreneurs who work day in and day out on their businesses
- Anyone who has to stay at a medical facility for long periods of time (i.e Surgery)

Small adjustments and Repairs can sometimes be quick where that individual does not have to worry about leaving.
Accidents do happen and Optician, Vanessa would be right there to help you. 

Important take away: Your prescription strength is measured by a specific letter size at a specific distance. Everyone either holds or places their objects being read, at different distances. Vanessa has helped many individuals set up their work stations or altered many prescriptions based on being able to see her clients spaces.

Pricing in comparison to ordering prescription eye wear in a store:
With having no overhead or store front expenses, Direct Visual Care is very comparable to the store prices, in most cases less expensive.

2 Year Warranty on both frames and Lenses    

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