What Can a Mobile Optician Assist Me with?

On-site adjustments, minor repairs, purchases of eye glasses. As long as you have the prescription, I will take care of everything else. Sunglasses, Computer Glasses, Dry Eye Treatment, Eye Drops, Cases, Cleaners.

Each appointment is approximately 45 minutes to an hour at the most - there will never be a sense in feeling rushed as I will make sure to schedule more then enough time between each client.

An in home / at the office shopping experience 
Starting with an overview of the prescription, narrowing down your personalized selection, taking measurements, Adjustments and a thorough cleaning of your existing pair of eye wear (while awaiting your new pair). Direct billing/ and payments. The Turn around time is 7 business days as Direct Visual Care does all the fabricating to reduce wait time. Deliveries, final fit and vision assessments are included. 

Having edging equipment means I can also help with just needing to replace an existing broken frame - There is some technicalities that come with edging your existing lenses into a new frame but this is what an Optician is also qualified for. 


Replacement / adjustments of nose pads - Material/ Size change for added comfort 

Edging lenses into a new frame or replacement of parts

One on One Measurements for vision & comfort accuracy 

Virtual Optician Assistance



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